Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Cure Poverty

Poverty will never be eradicated. No wonder the Bible says “The poor you will always have with you”. Matt. 26:11, Mark 14.7. Poverty can be reduced, but total eradication is a dream. Poverty is like corruption, attempts by various nations to eradicate it, has not been successful but the good news is that it can be reduced to its bearable minimum.

The root cause of being poor, is an acronym that’s derived from the word poor itself। POOR – Passing Over Opportunities रेपेअतेद्ली. A man/woman is poor not because of his/her background, not because of a deformity, not because of location, not because of his/her background, where he/she grew up or his/her family. A man or woman is poor because he or she passes over opportunities repeatedly.

Same and equal opportunities come to us all. We all get equal chance. What however determines whether our opportunity will cascade into a defining moment for us, is whether we utilize them or not. A poor man does not see opportunities when they come, or he sees them, but does not count them as such. Have you ever tried hard to convince a dear friend about a good idea that you believe would be useful to him, and he couldn’t just see it? Have you ever tried to talk to a colleague about an opportunity you stumbled on and rather than seeing the opportunity he/she immediately sees a problem? The ultimately poor man or woman, is the one that has gone through life passing over opportunities repeatedly. A few opportunities passed do not make a man poor, but when the habit is formed, he is stuck.

The cure of poverty is good news. Information is power. Good information is more powerful Know that you are just one decision away from your next breakthrough. To migrate from poverty to wealth, feed on good information. Know who you can be. See the opportunities around you. Know that nothing is impossible to one that believes, know that whatever you want to do is achievable. Know you are just one decision away from your next breakthrough. Know that you can be all you dream to be. Feed on good information, and watch yourself gradually transform. Do not do it alone. No man is an island. The people you know or the company you keep will, to a large extent, determine how far you will go in life. Live responsibly. No knowledge is a waste. Form a team or join one. Ask questions from those that have gone through the process.

People quit on their dreams because they have forgotten why they wanted their dream in the first instance. Once you stop focusing on the "why," you start focusing on your obstacles, then get discouraged, and finally quit. The key to becoming self motivated is to find your why and to constantly focus on it. If you do that, discouragement can't get a foothold in your life and you will not quit.

Many people set goals without having a clear, compelling reason for them. You need to have strong "why's" to back up your goals. A powerful "why" is what separates a goal setter from a goal achiever. The "why" becomes the driving force that gets you into action. The "why" is the motivation. But it is up to you to become the starter, the spark plug, if you will, for your "why". Once you get the ""why"" going and the "why" will get you going.

The best way to effectively use your "why" to become unstoppable is to create a "why" card written specifically for you. You will read your why card every morning and evening with power, passion, and conviction over and over for some minutes. That's how you "jump start" your why. If you do this every day, your why will automatically drive you to take massive action in the pursuit of your dream.

Fear of failure keeps most people from realizing their dreams. Reading your why card will give you the courage to take action in spite of your fear because if your why is big enough, the facts don't count.

Write your why card in the present tense, it needs to be filled with action verbs, and it needs to make you feel empowered and strong. If it doesn't, you are not dreaming big enough. Your dream needs to take your breath away. If the though of your dream doesn't make you get up at a different time, make you read the books, listen to the tapes, and hang around different people, it's not big enough.

Your why will empower you to act differently. To motivate yourself. To carry yourself differently. To do things radically different from the normal way. It will change you. It will make you better. That's why your dream needs to be bigger than you currently are. It has to make you grow. The dream gives your life a purpose.

Stop focusing on your past. Start focusing on your why. Remember, you have enormous God-given power to make your dream a reality. You just have to believe that you were created to make your dream a reality. Do yourself a favour. Step out in faith, write and use your why card, so you can build and create a better life. Use your why card to make you relentless in the pursuit of your dreams

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